IAMS Eukanuba and Zoetis Canada

The Cat Action Team receives support from the following animal care companies:

IAMS Eukanuba Pet Food Company offered a monthly supply of cat food to feed feral colonies.  Since June 2005, CAT has received approximately 2,500 pounds per year through IAMS Canada.  Many feral colonies have benefited from this supply.  IAMS also financially supports the Cat Action Team activities at the Atlantic Veterinary College. Since 2006, they have donated well over $15,000 to the AVC for use in CAT activities.  Many thanks to Dr. David Kozuch of IAMS Eukanuba Canada.




Zoetis Canada (formerly Pfizer Animal Health Canada) donates pharmaceutical supplies to the CAT program at the Atlantic Veterinary College and other PEI clinics.  Since 2006, they have given CAT $10,000 annually in product support.  They donate vaccines (FVRCP and rabies), as well as some of the pain medication and anesthetic drugs used.  They also supply Revolution™, a topical product that protects cats from certain intestinal worms, ear mites and fleas for one month.  Many thanks to Zoetis Canada.

The Donna Hickox Feed the Ferals Program

Donna Hickox was a valued volunteer of the Cat Action Team in PEI, since the Team was formed.  She was very concerned about the care of the stray/feral/barn cats after they were trapped, neutered, and released.  One of her concerns was that there be enough food to keep the cats fed and comfortable.  She was a regular helper in the distribution of food.

When she died on April 24, 2010, money that was given as a memorial to Donna was used to purchase cat food.

On July 2nd of the same year, Vicky Smith and Paula Connolly decided to approach the CAT Board with the idea of collecting pennies so that food could be obtained.  With the Board’s approval, Pennies for Paws was born.  By the end of the year, approximately $1,000 had been gathered.

When pennies were no longer being made, the name of the fund was changed to Feed the Ferals.  Shortly after that, the fund was changed to the Donna Hickox Feed the Ferals Program.  Islanders (and some off-Island friends) continue to help this Program.

Since the fall of 2013, donations of cat food have been requested (a tax receipt may be obtained upon receipt of a completed in-kind donation form and sales slip).  People are generous with food donations – some have donated several times.

The Donna Hickox Feed the Ferals Program ended in November 2016.  Our thanks to the many supporters who donated their pennies, their other change, and their coffee money that helped purchase cat food for community cats in need.

Thank you to Cat Action Team members Paula Connolly and Vicky Smith for their efforts over the past six years.

Link to poster:  https://cats-pei.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/FtF-Cat-Food-Appeal-04-2015.pdf

FtF Cat Food Appeal 04 2015


Sunnybrook Farms Pet Supply
601 Read Drive, Summerside
(902) 724-7387


Co-ordinators, Paula Connolly paulamconnolly@eastlink.ca and Vicky Smith catactionpei@gmail.com

Paula Accepting Cat Treats from Blue Ribbon Pet Supply

Paula accepting over 150 bags of Orijen cat treats from Blue Ribbon Pet Supply







Cat Food Drop-off Location

Sunnybrook Farms Pet Supply

Thank you to Sunnybrook Farms Pet Supply for using the proceeds of a Tack Sale to purchase cat food for Cat Action Team colony cats.  Thanks, also, for the donations of Blue Seal cat food (for every can customers purchased, a can was donated to “Feed the Ferals”).

Thank you to everyone who has donated cat food to date, including cats Kringle and Quincy.  Several cats will benefit from your generosity.

Students Protecting Animals UPEI


Board member Julianna Chaulk accepting donation from Jennifer O'Brien, president of Students Protecting Animals UPEI

The Cat Action Team is grateful for the generous support of many individuals and organizations including:

Our thanks to the Students Protecting Animals UPEI for their generous donation!

Board member Julianna Chaulk accepting the donation from Jennifer O’Brien, president of Students Protecting Animals UPEI