The Cat Action Team (CAT) of Prince Edward Island (PEI) is an all-volunteer registered charitable organization working to care for and control the feral and stray cat population throughout the province.  CAT was founded in November 2000 in Charlottetown by a group of citizens who shared a concern for the well-being of stray and feral cats.  A Summerside chapter was formed in the spring of 2002.  We have a board of directors.

CAT depends upon a network of dedicated but unpaid volunteers to do this work.

CAT depends upon donations and grants to finance our activities.  We also depend upon donations of food and shelter materials.

Within these limitations, we attempt:

~To sustain a trap-neuter-release (TNR) program

~To provide long-term aftercare to neutered feral and stray cats by providing them, when possible,  with food and shelter

~To reduce problematic behaviour and to reduce the threat of disease from feral and stray cats

~To reduce the number of unadoptable stray cats presented to the PEI Humane Society

~To educate the public about feral and stray cats and the problem of cat overpopulation

~To assist communities in the management of stray and feral cat populations.

The mandate of the Cat Action Team’s trap-neuter-release program is to reduce the number of reproducing feral or unowned cats within colonies and to attempt to control infectious diseases.

It is not the policy of CAT to spay and neuter cats with the intention of having them adopted.  Cats who go through our program are spayed and neutered with the intention of being returned to the colonies.

There are special circumstances that arise, making the finding of homes for certain cats important.  For example, if a colony is being moved (a barn being dismantled) or if there is another danger to the cats (a busy road) and some of the cats are deemed to be adoptable, we would hope that they could find homes, through the efforts of our volunteers, colony caretakers or other well-meaning citizens.  However, once a cat has been adopted, the Cat Action Team cannot take responsibility, financially or otherwise, for that cat once he or she has been adopted.  The cost of medical care, including spaying and neutering, is the responsibility of the adoptive home.

There are also animals who have special medical or physical needs.  On occasion, a home may become available for these cats after having been neutered and released by the Cat Action Team’s program.  The eligibility for the trap-neuter-release program of cats who are identified to have special physical needs, which may affect their survival, and therefore require an adoptive home, is decided on a case by case basis with the involvement of the Cat Action Team’s executive board.

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