CanFel Foundation

Cat Action Team Banner BugIn late 2015, the Cat Action Team received a grant from the CanFel Foundation, which helped us (and continues to help us) reach out to communities throughout PEI via the various brochures and posters that were produced.

The brochures and posters helped to inform the public about the Cat Action Team and how we could assist with barn, feral or stray cats, provided information about the importance of spaying/neutering and not abandoning, and to connect with new volunteers and members.

The banners provide the Cat Action Team with more visibility at various venues and the Banner Bugs provide eye-catching information about our charitable organization.

Our thanks to the CanFel Foundation for providing us with this grant.


“The CanFel Foundation is a registered charity designated as a public foundation. It was established and generously funded by the late Sandra Bond in support of animal welfare.

Sandra Bond was a businesswoman who made her home in Guelph, Ontario. She was an early and passionate advocate for animal welfare; she particularly supported programs designed to instill humane values in children and spay and neuter programs designed to reduce the number of unwanted companion animals.”

“Fix a Feral” Program

CATs Fix a Feral Program

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Poster:  CAT’s Fix a Feral Program



“Rosie” was found, when still a kitten, caught in someone’s skunk trap. Her caretaker is currently an elderly Prince County woman. “Grammie” enjoys having Rosie around her property.

Thank you, Cathy, Janet and Carol for your donations, which helped to treat, vaccinate and spay Rosie under the Cat Action Team’s “Fix a Feral” program.

Thank you for caring!
 Westisle Composite High School Grade 12 students Sam Cameron, Bailey Bulger, Kara Buote and Kaylee Gavin took action… To find out what they did, visit”Fix a Feral” Program

Summerside Intermediate School Teacher Kelly Adams MacNeill and Class

Summerside Intermediate School
October 25th, 2013

Kelly Adams MacNeill SIS Teacher PJ Fundraiser

Summerside Intermediate School Teacher Kelly Adams MacNeill (second from right) and School Students

Teacher (“Cat in the Hat”) Kelly Adams MacNeill and her Grade 9 class held a “Pajama Day” fundraiser, with proceeds being donated to the Cat Action Team.  Thank you, Kelly Adams MacNeill and students!

June 2014

Kids these days.  What are you going to do?  Give them a big cat paw high five, that’s what!

Kelly’s Grade 9 class wanted to make a difference for homeless cats, so they raised money through fundraising events such as a Pajama Day, and collected cat items for Cat Action Team. 

They invited Cat Action Team members to make a presentation to their class, after which they presented CAT with a donation of $230 and bags of cat food they collected.  They also gave CAT items that could be used by people fostering cats such as cat toys, a cat bed, and litter pan.  These teens were attentive and respectful during the presentation.  They asked questions about cats, asked how to help cats, and told stories about cats they’ve seen in their neighbourhoods.

But that’s not all – the class is working with the carpentry teacher to make a cat shelter.  Ron Curtis brought a cat shelter to the presentation to show the kids an example of one.

Making the presentation on behalf of CAT were Beverly and Fred Hillier, Ron Curtis (and his cat shelter) and Karen Noonan.