IAMS Eukanuba and Zoetis Canada

The Cat Action Team receives support from the following animal care companies:

IAMS Eukanuba Pet Food Company offered a monthly supply of cat food to feed feral colonies.  Since June 2005, CAT has received approximately 2,500 pounds per year through IAMS Canada.  Many feral colonies have benefited from this supply.  IAMS also financially supports the Cat Action Team activities at the Atlantic Veterinary College. Since 2006, they have donated well over $15,000 to the AVC for use in CAT activities.  Many thanks to Dr. David Kozuch of IAMS Eukanuba Canada.




Zoetis Canada (formerly Pfizer Animal Health Canada) donates pharmaceutical supplies to the CAT program at the Atlantic Veterinary College and other PEI clinics.  Since 2006, they have given CAT $10,000 annually in product support.  They donate vaccines (FVRCP and rabies), as well as some of the pain medication and anesthetic drugs used.  They also supply Revolution™, a topical product that protects cats from certain intestinal worms, ear mites and fleas for one month.  Many thanks to Zoetis Canada.