April 3, 2005

Location:          Atlantic Veterinary College
Chair:               Ereina O’Reilly
Minutes:           Karen Noonan

1.                  Welcome

2.                  Approval of Agenda

Joy Tremblay moved and Audrey Woodruff seconded the adoption of the agenda.

Motion carried.

3.                  Approval of Minutes of the March 21, 2004, Annual General Meeting. Eriena O’Reilly provided an overview of the minutes. There were no questions. Diane Minick moved and Beverly Hillier seconded the approval of the minutes as circulated. Motion carried.

4.                  Chairperson’s Report presented by Eriena O’Reilly (see attached).

5.                  Committee Reports:

  • Spay/Neuter Committee: Dr. Peter Foley circulated a report and discussed the statistics he has been gathering on cats seen in all Trap-Neuter-Release clinics on Prince Edward Island, since the inception of Cat Action Team. He updated members on the number of cats presented and the prevalence of Feline Leukemia Virus and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (report attached). He reported a slight increase in incidents of FeLV, possibly due to the opening up of new colonies. Dr. Foley reported on two major grants: the Pegassus Family Foundation provides grants to Cat Action Team and to the Atlantic Vet College to support TNR clinics, and the Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Centre provides a $22,000 grant over two years to the AVC to hold TNR clinics.
  • Public RelationsEducationFoodChapter Meetings, and Shelters were reported on during the Chairperson’s Report. Relating to the Education topic, Eriena O’Rielly distributed a copy of Part II Protection of Companion Animals.

6.                  Beverly Hillier, Treasurer, presented the Financial Statements audited by MRSB Chartered Accountants (Attached). Beverly reported that fundraising was down $6,000; however, grants and donations increased. Beverly circulated a summary of the various fundraising events for the past year.

7.                  An average monthly budget appears on the AGM agenda.

8.                  By-Law Amendments (1): the following amendments was read:

  • Current text: By-Law No. 8.05 Meeting of Members

The quorum required for any meeting of the membership shall be two-thirds of those members entitled to vote.

  • Proposed text: By-Law No. 8.05 Meeting of Members

The quorum required for any meeting of the membership shall be 25% of the general membership of those members entitled to vote, including 60% of the board membership.

Informational meetings where no official business is decided are excluded.

There were no questions. Joy Tremblay moved and Audrey Woodruff seconded that By-Law No. 8.05 be amended as read. The motion carried.

9.                  Report of Nominations: As there were six candidates nominated and six positions vacant on the Board or Directors, the following members were introduced and appointed to the Board by acclamation: Paula Connolly (returning Board member), Ashley Harvey (new to the Board), Beverly Hillier (returning Board member), Dr. Marti Hopson (new to the Board), Betty MacKenzie (new to the Board), and Diane Minick (returning Board member).

10.              Adjournment